[Dingoo] DinguxCommander

Published at February 5, 2011 ·  1 min read

DinguxCommander DinguxCommander is a dual-panel file manager for Dingoo A320 (Dingux). Download: DinguxCommander_v2.1.tar.gz Source: DinguxCommander_v2.1_src.tar.gz Features: Copy, move and delete multiple files. View a file Execute a file Rename a file/dir Create a new directory Display disk space used by a list of selected files/dirs Display disk information (used, available) For more information, see file README.txt....

[Dingoo] Slitherlink

Published at April 18, 2010 ·  1 min read

Slitherlink is a logic puzzle game created in 1989 by Japanese publisher Nikoli, famous for creating Sudoku, among many other puzzle games. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slitherlink for more info. I discovered the game a few years ago on the Nintendo DS with ‘Puzzle Series Vol. 5: Slitherlink’, which was never released outside of Japan. It’s such a good game I grew addicted to it, just like with Picross and Nurikabe. This is my version of the game for Dingux (Dingoo Linux)....


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