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[PSP] AntiTetris

Published at July 7, 2008 ·  1 min read

AntiTetris A homebrew game for PSP. AntiTetris is a visual reproduction of the Game Boy Tetris, but based on a physics engine. Lines are not implemented. The aim is to stack up as many tetrominoes as possible before they reach the top of the screen. Download: Source: Vidéo: Credits: Development: Tardigrade Graphics library: JGE++ Physics engine: Chipmunk ...

[Nintendo DS] Negative Space

Published at March 3, 2008 ·  1 min read

Negative Space An original homebrew game for the Nintendo DS, based on the concept of negative space. Download: / Source: How to play: The whole game contains only two colors: black and white. The player controls two ‘blob’ characters: the white blob moves in the black space, and the black blob in the white space. That’s why, empty space for one blob represents solid ground and walls for the other....


[Android] The Pawn

[RG351] 351Files

[Android] ComptageRDM

[Nintendo Switch] Tatanga

[Nintendo Switch] SlitherlinkNX

[Android] OptimTicketsResto

[Android] Card Games

[Dingoo] DinguxCommander

[Dingoo] Slitherlink

[Linux] Mulren

[PSP] AntiTetris

[Nintendo DS] Negative Space

[PSP] Game&Watch Fantasies

[Nintendo DS] Everlasting Love

[Nintendo DS] Ninji & Zarbi

[Nintendo DS] Touch me

[Nintendo DS] Oil Panic DS


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