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[PSP] Game&Watch Fantasies

Published at November 18, 2007 ·  1 min read

Game&Watch Fantasies A homebrew game for PSP. Download: / Source: Game&Watch Fantasies is a puzzle/platform game for the PSP, inspired by the Game&Watch LCD games. Rule #1: Just like in a Game&Watch, the hero moves discontinuously. Therefore, he can “teleport” through thin obstacles by simply walking or jumping. However, gravity doesn’t allow him to do so: it is impossible to go through an obstacle when falling. Rule #2: If the obstacle is too large, the hero will move until he touches it....

[Nintendo DS] Everlasting Love

Published at March 24, 2007 ·  1 min read

Everlasting Love A homebrew game for the Nintendo DS. Everlasting Love is a combination of a 2D platformer and a rhythm game, in which you have to adjust your jumps using the music. The song is Everlasting Love from the original soundtrack of We Love Katamari. Download: / / How to play : The monkey can move right and left during jumps only. No walking. As soon as he touches a wall, he holds onto it until the next jump....


[Android] The Pawn

[RG351] 351Files

[Android] ComptageRDM

[Nintendo Switch] Tatanga

[Nintendo Switch] SlitherlinkNX

[Android] OptimTicketsResto

[Android] Card Games

[Dingoo] DinguxCommander

[Dingoo] Slitherlink

[Linux] Mulren

[PSP] AntiTetris

[Nintendo DS] Negative Space

[PSP] Game&Watch Fantasies

[Nintendo DS] Everlasting Love

[Nintendo DS] Ninji & Zarbi

[Nintendo DS] Touch me

[Nintendo DS] Oil Panic DS


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