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[Nintendo DS] Ninji & Zarbi

Published at September 25, 2006 ·  1 min read

Ninji & Zarbi A homebrew game for the Nintendo DS. Download: / / Source: At any time, the two characters Ninji (bottom screen) and Zarbi (upper screen) are located at the same place on their respective screen. You control both characters at the same time. The aim of the game is to achieve the highest score possible, by neutralizing Bullet Bills and catching the NDSes that appear on screen....

[Nintendo DS] Touch me

Published at July 26, 2006 ·  1 min read

Touch me (I’m famous) Homebrew game for the Nintendo DS. Touch me (I’m famous) is a mix between a shooting game and a rhythm game. The song heard during the game is a sample from Sweet euphemisms by Soso. Download: / Source: How to play: Hold the DS vertically. Shoot the enemies by tapping them with the stylus, but always by the rhythm: either on the beat (indicated by the flash), or on the back beat....

[Nintendo DS] Oil Panic DS

Published at April 19, 2006 ·  1 min read

Oil Panic DS Homebrew game for the Nintendo DS. Oil Panic DS is a simulator of the Game&Watch Oil Panic. Download: /


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